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Tickle your senses with Kindled Dreams, incredibly fragranced, 100% pure soy wax candles...handmade with love!

"The World's Greatest Soy Wax Candle"
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Soy Wax Is Healthy Wax!

A quality candle has been born!   Kindled Dreams candles are made from 100% pure (not blended) natural soy wax.  Paraffin wax candles are known to emit eleven toxins into the air while burning!  Soy wax is 98% soot free allowing for a cleaner burn and safer environment.   Soy burns longer than paraffin and when candle is properly created, has a magnificent scent throw (both hot and cold).  I use the finest fragrance oils available and lead free, all natural fiber wicks.  Just in case of spills, soy wax is water soluble providing easy clean~up with soap and water.  Most importantly soy wax supports our economy and American Farmers!   For an unforgettable candle experience, order today from Kindled Dreams ~ you won't be disappointed.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM TRYING TO PAY VIA PAYPAL PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL ME DIRECTLY. THERE SEEMS TO BE A FOREVER GLITCH WITH THAT SITE. I ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OVER THE PHONE OR PAY UPON PICK-UP IF YOU ARE LOCAL. I ALSO SHIP. Payment can be made directly through Paypal.  Paypal is an online payment service that is 100% secure.  Payment through Paypal can be made with your credit card or funds from your bank account or Paypal account.  If you prefer, contact me and you can pay via US Mail by money order.

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